Why your new PC is slowed down by bloatware

Olly Denhard
Founder, IT Trouble Free
6 April 2021

Have you ever noticed when you buy a new PC it comes already preloaded with “free” programs and apps?

The manufacturers don’t really care if you find them useful, they are paid to pre install them.

These Apps and pre-installed programmes are called bloatware.

All these apps and programs that you will probably never use just means that your device starts off more cluttered than you really need.

It comes with the added risk of slower speed and a higher chance of being hacked if this software isn’t kept up to date.

Microsoft’s own tests prove that by removing bloatware it can make your new machine up to 40% faster

It doesn’t matter if your device is brand new or older, Its worth taking a look at what applications and programs are installed and removing anything you don’t use

While you’re there, for security purposes, look for anything unfamiliar. Or software you don’t remember installing.

If your concerned about what’s installed on your computer, or want to talk further about IT security, why not give us a call?